Foundations Track

Property-aware Unit Testing of UML-RT Models in the Context of MDE
Reza Ahmadi, Nicolas Hili and Juergen Dingel.

Expressing Uncertainty in OCL/UML Datatypes
Manuel F. Bertoa, Nathalie Moreno, Gala Barquero, Loli Burgueño, Javier Troya and Antonio Vallecillo.

Automatic Transformation Co-Evolution using Traceability Models and Graph Transformation
Adrian Rutle, Ludovico Iovino, Harald König and Zinovy Diskin.

Parallel Model Validation with Epsilon
Sina Madani, Dimitris Kolovos and Richard Paige.

Detecting Conflicts between Data-Minimization and Security Requirements in Business Process Models
Qusai Ramadan, Daniel Strüber, Mattia Salnitri, Volker Riediger and Jan Jürjens.

Bidirectional Method Patterns for Frontend Migration
Enes Yigitbas, Anthony Anjorin, Erhan Leblebici and Marvin Grieger.

Trace Comprehension Operators for Executable DSLs
Dorian Leroy, Erwan Bousse, Anaël Megna, Benoit Combemale and Manuel Wimmer.

Beautifying OCL synthesized code
Jesús Sánchez Cuadrado.

EMF Patterns of Usage on GitHub
Johannes Härtel, Marcel Heinz and Ralf Lämmel.

On the Influence of Metamodel Design to Analyses and Transformations
Georg Hinkel and Erik Burger.

Life Sciences-Inspired Test Case Similarity Measures for Search-Based, FSM-Based Software Testing
Nesa Asoudeh and Yvan Labiche.

Towards Efficient Loading of Change-Based Models
Alfa Yohannis, Horacio Hoyos Rodriguez, Fiona Polack and Dimitris Kolovos.

Application Track

Towards a framework for writing executable natural language rules
Konstantinos Barmpis, Dimitris Kolovos and Justin Hingorani.

Towards Automatic Generation of UML Profiles and Graphical Editors for Papyrus
Athanasios Zolotas, Ran Wei, Simos Gerasimou, Horacio Hoyos Rodriguez, Dimitris Kolovos and Richard Paige.

MAPLE: An Integrated Environment for Process Modelling and Enactment for NFV Systems
Sadaf Mustafiz, Guillaume Dupont, Ferhat Khendek and Maria Toeroe.

Modeling AUTOSAR Implementation in Simulink
Jian Chen, Manar Alalfi, Thomas Dean and Ramesh S.

SysML Models Verification and Validation in an Industrial Context: Challenges and Experimentation
Ronan Baduel, Mohammad Chami, Jean-Michel Bruel and Iulian Ober.

Model-driven Re-engineering of a Pressure Sensing System: An Experience Report
Atif Mashkoor, Felix Kossak, Miklos Biro and Alexander Egyed.